• Incredible, phenomenal, magical and mysterious... Heather is an Unstoppable Being with magical capacities... Her allowance for your choices is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received!!! One of the best surprises was an Amazing Combo Weekend with her X-Men Class and Business Done Different 3 Day Class... NOT TO BE MISSED!

    Héctor, 26 Years Old

  • If you’re looking for something different, Heather is it. She has a way of facilitating that will take you way beyond what you ever previously thought possible. Her generosity of spirit and generosity of being is truly one-of-a-kind.

    Emily Lau

  • Since I joined Heather’s Generative Business Pods program 4 months ago, my life and business have changed in more ways than I could have ever imagined. From money to relationships to simply having more joy and happiness, Heather has been an incredible inspiration and has had my back throughout the program in ways I had never experienced. She has shown me possibilities that are truly beyond the limitations of this reality that allow you to create the life no one thinks you should have. How DARE we! Thank you Heather.


  • Heather’s classes are empowering like nothing you will ever encounter. Receiving the facilitation of Heather Nichols put me in a creation station mode and allowed me to create and grow 3 businesses at a time with fun, joy, no efforts and wow! I now have a manual for life that has no reference points to what I experienced before.
    Life changing classes and fuel for a totally thriving future. Thank you Heather!

    Pénélope Foulquier 43 years old

    Nantes, France
  • I wish I can give you a hug and show you the gratitude what I have for Heather because there are no words, guys! First class which I took with Heather was the Xmen & Sex class and guys it smashed my Universe. Since this time I am opening myself to an absolutely different energy & space which are still opening my "geeky" world to the infinite space of miracles and acknowledgements. Heather empowers people and shows them how to step in to their power! She truly chooses more and opens possibilities to others to choose it too! I am so grateful for this lighthouse in my world! Thank you times a godzillion! ❤

    Nikol, 29

    The Czech Republic
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