Welcome to A New Reality with Money with Heather Nichols and Kalpana Raghuraman!

Welcome to a 10 month immersion of creating

financial wealth, financial health, and a totally different reality with money. 

This class also includes a 10 month deep dive into the Advanced How to Become Money Workbook!

*doing the original How to Become Money workbook at least 10x is a pre-requisite*

Our first call on Jan 23 was free…

To receive the recording of the free call, go HERE.

Let’s create….

~ more money, less struggle

~ greater clarity with your current finances

~ financial systems and revenue streams to support the choices you’d like to be making

~ a reality of abundance & wealth that comes from being – rather than intense doing

~ true change with your ‘bad financial habits’ that stop you from actually HAVING money

~ true wealth in every area of your life

~ a reality where money comes from joy – not struggle 

WHEN:  January 23 – Oct 31 2019

WHERE:  Online!

COST:  $250 USD per month (country pricing available)

First 3 Call Dates/times:

February 6 @8am PT

February 18 @1pm PT

March 6 @2pm PT

This online class includes:

•  Two 75 minute zoom calls with Heather & Kalpana every month

• One Facebook live mini-class in a private Facebook group with Heather or Kalpana every month

• Discounted private sessions with Heather or Kalpana over the 10 months ($150 for 30 min)

• Financial tracking webinars, spreadsheets, and materials to organize your finances

• Support for your ongoing questions in our private Facebook group


Have questions? Not sure what % price your country is?

Email us at heather@heathernichols.com