January 8, 2021
Have you acknowledged the difference that you be?

Gary Douglas once asked me, “Have you acknowledged the difference that you be?” I was a bit confused, I thought I was sort of normal until that point. It set things in motion for me to really start to look at my difference and where I had made myself wrong for it. I spent a […]

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December 17, 2020
What brilliance are you with money? - Unlock your Capacities!

There are so many conclusions, ideas and judgments about what money is, how much of it we need to have or not have and what we need to do to make it come into our lives. A lot of people that I work with will have made themselves very wrong with money. What they often […]

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December 7, 2020
A Different Possibility with Food

What if food could be a total gift and contribution to your body, instead of something we use to judge ourselves? As children, we may have been taught to finish everything on our plate or that it was polite to ask for “seconds” as to make the cook feel appreciated. Many of us learned how […]

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What brilliance are you with money? - Unlock your Capacities!
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