I spent years looking for the successful way to do business, I never found it! What I did find, was an invitation to be me in business that has allowed me and the business to flourish in ways I never imagined possible. What if business could be an epic adventure of creativity, joy, energetic awareness, and discovering new things every day? 
Since I started creating my business from that space, my joy, my success, and my income have not stopped multiplying. 
The classes offered here are an invitation for you to know what YOU know in your business and with the creation of money – and to discover that YOU are the greatest ‘formula’ for success.

The only thing a successful business requires is change.

- Gary Douglas

There are so many conclusions, ideas and judgments about what money is, how much of it we need to have or not have and what we need to do to make it come into our lives.

A lot of people that I work with will have made themselves very wrong with money. What they often don’t realize is that they actually have a capacity with money. They have just been trying to “do” money like the rest of the world does or try to get money “right.” So many people try to follow what they’ve been told about how to create money… and for many of us, what works for everyone else, doesn’t work for us.

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