A Different Possibility with Food

What if food could be a total gift and contribution to your body, instead of something we use to judge ourselves?

As children, we may have been taught to finish everything on our plate or that it was polite to ask for “seconds” as to make the cook feel appreciated. Many of us learned how to be with food from our parents or peers and never thought to question it.

As adults, many of us eat to fill the space socially or within ourselves. We eat when we are overstimulated or to kill time we don’t know how to fill. We eat mindlessly at holiday gatherings or in front of the television. Then we make ourselves wrong for overeating, not eating what the experts tell us to eat and make our bodies wrong for not feeling the way we would like them to feel.

What if your body is different?

What if what works for others, doesn’t actually work for you?

Would you be willing to start looking at what is true for you, rather than turning to others for the answers? Would you be willing to ask your body what it requires? How much food? What kinds of foods, and what other energies it requires today to thrive?

What if no food was “right” or “wrong” and what if different foods at different times could actually be a homeopathic for your body?

For example, many of us actually require more salt and sugar than others. If you’re “in your head” a lot you may require this, as our brains actually use salt and sugar when working hard. You may need more water than you realize and sometimes water may be all your body requires, instead of solid food.

What if the amount of food your body truly requires to thrive is not what you thought? What if your body would actually like a lot less than you’ve concluded is “normal and reasonable” to eat? And what if what you have previously identified as “empty” is actually just “space?” Space is often what creates and awakens a greater energy for our bodies.

Is it time to awaken your body to a totally different reality with eating for space? What generative, beautiful energy could food be for your body and the creation of your life if you would allow it?

a Different note about the state of the world

I wanted to write you a different kind of note today...

It's an intense time in the world right now. Last night in the US we had our first presidential debates, California is having its worst fire season ever, and there is so much crazy going on. I wanted to reach out to you today and check in. How are you - truly??

I recently watched a documentary that I wanted to share with you. Social Dilemma was an incredibly eye-opening journey into the algorhythms of social media platforms and how our minds, lives, and world are being shaped by companies like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It got me looking in a totally different way at the impact of the enforced separation and digitization in the world right now.

Even though people can be challenging to be around at times... we require interaction. True interaction, actual conversations, and hey - even touch if we can get it!! We are social people and right now this very fundamental aspect of our nature is being controlled in so many different ways.

But the thing that keeps me moving, creating, choosing joy - is that I know I have choice. I know that nothing and nobody can control me, my mind, my life, my future. Now more than ever is a time for us to come together and create the future we would actually like to see.

I and some beautiful people on my team are going to be making phone calls to actually say hello!! To have conversations. For no reason at all - other than to create a world where separation cannot exist - and where technology does not dominate our interactions. I am asking for so much more in-person interaction these days - even if it's on the phone. And in person - YES!

I do not wish to live in a digitized world. I wish to live in a world where I can see your smile, hear your breath, hug you. Where we celebrate the absolute beauty of the earth and each other. Where difference & consciousness are our greatest global assets.

Now more than ever, we have to create it. If we don't - technology and corporate interest will.

So, my sweet, beautiful, phenomenal friends... what can we all choose today that will create a different world and a different future? There is no choice too small or insignificant. WE have the power to change things. The planet is asking for something so different right now. It truly is up to US to reach out to each other, interact, connect, engage, and create the future we would like to have.

Gary Douglas recently offered this question that I am asking every day:

What future would I like to have, that I am willing to create?

What do you know?

If you would like to receive a phone call, have a chat, say hello, or even get together in person - let us know!
You can add your name to this form and we will be in touch.

I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you.

Thank you for being in the world right now.
Thank you for being you.


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Ep 7 - Getting off of Access Island


Who is looking for you and your business that can't find you? What fantasies do you have about creating your classes, sessions, and offerings that are keeping your business tiny - and keeping the world from finding you?

Time to change that - and get out into the world in a much bigger way? Join me, Heather Nichols for this live-streamed Creating Beyond Reality Podcast show.


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X-men, the Future, and Creating a Greater World

What do you know that nobody else knows?  What future can you create that nobody else can?

Benevolent Capitalism is where business & future are one in the same – where the activities we engage in with business & commerce are a dynamic & vital part of creating a future that includes everybody, is for everybody, and facilitates the world to become greater every day.

X-men have a unique capacity for awareness of the future.  They are aware of possibilities that others are not, whether they know it or not!  Part of what creates this capacity is that X-men inherently do not judge.  They are dynamically aware of the judgments of others – but ultimately, if you are truly being you as an X-men, you don’t even know how to judge!

…and judgment is one of the greatest killers

of the future, of awareness, and of everything we can create.

X-men function way more from space, from inherent curiosity, from non-linearity, and from a spherical awareness of past, present, and future occurring simultaneously.  When you are being you as an X-men, the way you function is quick, energetic, and nothing you are aware of is solid.  If you are looking to solidify or define what it is that you know, what your ‘awareness’ is, or what the future is that you are aware of, you will always have to define that awareness through the reference points of this reality and everything you have already seen, that has already existed.

This diminishes the capacities that we as X-men BE!  The future is spacious, non-defined, determined by the choices we make every day – and if we are to create a future that is greater – we have to create something that has never existed before.

You as an X-men are well suited for the ‘job’!  Everything you know, everything you be, everything you perceive as possibility – is the future unfolding and creating itself through you, as you, and as a greater world.  When you choose to get out of linearity, to stop thinking the judgments that you are so vividly aware of around you are yours, and when you start to function from that quick, spacious, non-defined, sometimes barely perceptible space of YOU – you are engaging with the future, the world, and possibility in a way the world has never seen.

Business is the creation of your life & living.  It is not the things you do to create money.  It is how you show up in the world, how you show up with you, what you choose every day that creates different possibilities – that creates your life, your business, and the future of the world.  Money is a side effect that occurs when we are joyfully creating & creating the future.  And as an X-men, you have creative capacities that this reality has never seen.

What if you could show up in the creation of the business of your life as a benevolent capitalist?  Being the X-men you actually are, knowing that your world is less defined, more generative, and far greater than what the rest of the world tells you?  When you stop trying to be like everybody else, and get the value of you in this way – miracles occur!

Here are 3 questions you can use every day to expand your awareness of what you know is possible – and step in more and more to the brilliant benevolent X-men that you truly be:

1). What can I be today to institute the future I know is possible right away?

2). What capacities do I have and be that I have never acknowledged?

3). What future am I actually aware of, and what action can I take today to bring it to fruition right away?


How different are you willing to be?

A greater world requires you – being you – and knowing everything that you know without hesitation!

For more on this topic, join Heather starting April 3 for her upcoming tele-call:  X-Men: an Introduction (and beyond!)

Are You Living?

This question was not relevant in my world until recently. I didn’t even really know what living was. Was I living? Yes! Well, for one, I was alive. And, for two, I had a great life. I had my university degrees, I was married, I had my two healthy kids, a house, some money, a bit of a career.

So I had nailed it! Until I realized that there was just so so much more possible for my life. It turned out that I hadn’t actually created the life that I desired. I had created the life that everybody else desired and that everybody else agreed was what I was supposed to want.

Where was I in all of that?   Not really anywhere.

Enter, the conversation of living. The acknowledgement that life is actually a period at the end of the sentence. Life is a noun. A destination, a conclusion, a stopping point. And for so many, life is a death sentence. If you spend your whole life working toward that dream that everybody else has – that isn’t even yours – that you are supposed to desire – while never asking yourself what is actually true for you – once you get there it’s like: Where the hell do I go next? What now? How did I end up here?? 

That’s where I was. Sure, I could grow my business and create more income and assets and raise my kids and be a better person every day. But I had this THING inside of me – an urge, an intensity, a demand – for always, always MORE. And I really just thought I was wrong and selfish and not grateful for what I had.

Then – Living. Living – is a verb. It’s a dynamic space of ever-unfolding and ever-expanding creation. Living is a celebration of being.

Living is a moment to moment creation of your life and reality where curiosity is at the helm, more is always a possibility, and adventure, joy, delight and surprise are on the menu more often than not. Living is when you wake up in the morning happy – and wonder: who am I and what grand and glorious adventures can I have today?? And you truly wonder.

Living is where you go about your day asking loads of questions. Knowing the universe is right there, with you. Knowing that the universe is contributing, responding to your requests, and that the addition of you to anything can make that thing greater. It’s where every 10 seconds count. And every choice is just that – a choice that will give you more awareness. Living is the willingness to be different, to have a life that you love, and to know that tomorrow, next week, next year, and in 20 years – you may not desire a lot of what you desire today. Living is a space of change, creation, and aliveness that so many people are not willing to have.

Once I started creating my world from that space – from the adventure of LIVING – everything became possible and I no longer needed to know exactly where I was going or how I would get there.

I started to trust me more, I started to know what I know, and I started to have the courage to embrace the uncomfortable like an old friend that I adore – that has my back – and that will always surprise me in the greatest of ways that I could never possibly predict. Once I started LIVING – I started waking up happy, excited, curious, grateful, and relaxed about everything in my life.

There are a zillion and one tools that I could toss out to you right now to cultivate this space more and more. Thousands of questions, conversations, invitations we could play with to give all of us a greater space of wonder, curiosity, and knowing what is actually true for us – now, now, now, and now. And I guess I’d say – just start with what makes you sing.

The rest will fall into place – especially if you keep choosing that. Start with what makes you sing – right now. And keep going…..

For more of those zillion and one tools – check out the Access Consciousness Foundation class – a 4 days class that gives you a toolbox for everything you would like to change about – and create with – your life (and living!)