Have you acknowledged the difference that you be?

Gary Douglas once asked me, “Have you acknowledged the difference that you be?”

I was a bit confused, I thought I was sort of normal until that point. It set things in motion for me to really start to look at my difference and where I had made myself wrong for it. I spent a lot of my life looking at the world and seeing that whenever I would notice something different about me, or the world showed up in a way that I didn’t understand, I would always go to the sense that there was something wrong with me. I must be missing something, I must be clueless, I must be dumb…and I wonder how many of us do that? We see something about the world that doesn’t make sense and we go immediately to the wrongness of us, but we never seem to see it as a difference and a brilliance that we have.

It’s such an interesting time in the world and there’s so much crazy stuff going on. Now is the time to be as different as we are, in ways we’ve never been willing to be before. So many of us have these incredible capacities that don’t have a context in this reality, but when we begin to get that when things don’t make sense to us it’s because we actually know something different and greater is possible.

What if you’re not as messed up as you think you are, and your difference is your brilliance? What if you need to start having a different conversation with yourself in order to access that?

I invite you to the universe of the Access X-men class, where we start to look at the capacities that we have and be that the world has made us wrong for.  We start to uncover the things about us that will allow us to create a life that we never before dared to imagine possible. X-men are the evolution of the species, a mutation for an exponentially greater reality. X-men are undefined and undefinable. Is it time to step into the being the X-men you truly be?

X-men, the Future, and Creating a Greater World

What do you know that nobody else knows?  What future can you create that nobody else can?

Benevolent Capitalism is where business & future are one in the same – where the activities we engage in with business & commerce are a dynamic & vital part of creating a future that includes everybody, is for everybody, and facilitates the world to become greater every day.

X-men have a unique capacity for awareness of the future.  They are aware of possibilities that others are not, whether they know it or not!  Part of what creates this capacity is that X-men inherently do not judge.  They are dynamically aware of the judgments of others – but ultimately, if you are truly being you as an X-men, you don’t even know how to judge!

…and judgment is one of the greatest killers

of the future, of awareness, and of everything we can create.

X-men function way more from space, from inherent curiosity, from non-linearity, and from a spherical awareness of past, present, and future occurring simultaneously.  When you are being you as an X-men, the way you function is quick, energetic, and nothing you are aware of is solid.  If you are looking to solidify or define what it is that you know, what your ‘awareness’ is, or what the future is that you are aware of, you will always have to define that awareness through the reference points of this reality and everything you have already seen, that has already existed.

This diminishes the capacities that we as X-men BE!  The future is spacious, non-defined, determined by the choices we make every day – and if we are to create a future that is greater – we have to create something that has never existed before.

You as an X-men are well suited for the ‘job’!  Everything you know, everything you be, everything you perceive as possibility – is the future unfolding and creating itself through you, as you, and as a greater world.  When you choose to get out of linearity, to stop thinking the judgments that you are so vividly aware of around you are yours, and when you start to function from that quick, spacious, non-defined, sometimes barely perceptible space of YOU – you are engaging with the future, the world, and possibility in a way the world has never seen.

Business is the creation of your life & living.  It is not the things you do to create money.  It is how you show up in the world, how you show up with you, what you choose every day that creates different possibilities – that creates your life, your business, and the future of the world.  Money is a side effect that occurs when we are joyfully creating & creating the future.  And as an X-men, you have creative capacities that this reality has never seen.

What if you could show up in the creation of the business of your life as a benevolent capitalist?  Being the X-men you actually are, knowing that your world is less defined, more generative, and far greater than what the rest of the world tells you?  When you stop trying to be like everybody else, and get the value of you in this way – miracles occur!

Here are 3 questions you can use every day to expand your awareness of what you know is possible – and step in more and more to the brilliant benevolent X-men that you truly be:

1). What can I be today to institute the future I know is possible right away?

2). What capacities do I have and be that I have never acknowledged?

3). What future am I actually aware of, and what action can I take today to bring it to fruition right away?


How different are you willing to be?

A greater world requires you – being you – and knowing everything that you know without hesitation!

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