Live and online classes with Heather are a possibility to immerse yourself in some very unique and conversations  around what you would truly love to have as your life.  Heather brings to her classes a space of  potency, presence, joy, and playfulness, that is an invitation for you to know what YOU know about every aspect of your life.  What if you could trust you in the creation of what is fun and true for you?  These classes create a space for you to have that as a reality, and offer pragmatic tools you can apply every day to creating something far greater than you have imagined before!

4 Tools to Get Your Happy On!

WHEN: march 20
WHERE: Boulder, Co andOnline

X-Men 6 Part Tele Call

WHEN: April 3-17
WHERE: Online

Business Done Different 3 Day Joy of Business Master Class

WHEN: April 5-7
WHERE: Nashville, TN and Online

Getting the Sex You Desire

WHEN: April 8 – June 5
WHERE: 8 Tele calls + 4 Private Sessions – Online (limited to 8 people)

Access Consciousness Bars Class

WHEN: April 9 & 10 (over 2 evenings)
WHERE: Boulder CO

Access Consciousness Foundation Class

WHEN: April 11-14
WHERE: Boulder CO

Business Done Different 3 Day Joy of Business Master Class

WHEN: May 10-12
WHERE: Boulder CO & Online

Business Done Different 3 Day Joy of Business Master Class

WHEN: May 31-June 2
WHERE: Zagreb, Croatia & Online (link coming soon)

Sex & the Single Woman 2.5 Day Class w/Susanna Mittermaier

WHEN: June 7-9
WHERE: Budapest, Hungary & Online (link coming soon)

X-Men Introductory Evening

WHEN: June 13
WHERE: Stockholm, Sweden

Creation of Living Extravaganza

WHEN: August 2-5 (plus VIP days Aug 6&7)
WHERE: Paris, France

Working one on one with Heather has created massive change for me in a very short period of time. The tools of Access Consciousness that Heather plays with and how she uses them to facilitate change in the world are nothing short of phenomenal, creative, potent and DYNAMIC.

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Dr. Katrina L. Rinne, DPT

The thing about Heather is she’s willing to GO! And if you hop in, the adventure is sure to be filled with a potency that’s vulnerable and clear and chaotic – all at the same time.
There is no agenda. It’s a true exploration of subjects and energies and conversations that

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Michele Folis

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