May 10, 2021

Most of us have been taught that in order to have a “good” relationship, you have to put the other person first. You’re supposed to make them the priority, “compromise” your desires for theirs, as though this is what will create a great relationship. We bend, fold, and mutilate ourselves in order to have what […]

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April 12, 2021
The only thing powerful enough to stop you

Do you recall the magical land of Oz from The Wizard of Oz, Neverland from Peter Pan, or Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series?  Many of us have access to a similar magical realm within our daily lives – we just don’t recall it because we shut off our magic when we were children and […]

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March 31, 2021
Are willing to be the Queen of your life?

If you could ask for anything, for you, for your life, for the world, what would you ask for? Would you have the courage to have a level of receiving beyond what most people are willing to have? What if you created a demand in your world that you will have your reality, no matter […]

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