June 20, 2021

Ep 4 – If Money Was Your Lover, Would You Still be Having Sex?

What if much like sex, creating wealth isn’t a sprint but a marathon? If you would be willing to relax into it, instead of trying to control it and dictate the way it shows up, it would be so much more fun!


What if the elegance of living could be the invitation for the energies of wealth and abundance and could be the same play of having sex?


If you could experience everything for the joy of it without looking for a result, what difference could that be for your life and living?


Join Heather Nichols and Simone Milasas for a very different conversation about wealth, money, sex, and how they are more related than you might think.


Simone Milasas is an author and leading facilitator with Access Consciousness and has been an instrumental part of its growth to over 176 countries. She is the founder of the Joy of Business, a program that empowers entrepreneurs to embrace their own leadership and business skills from the joy of creating.



Find out more about Simone, her upcoming programs, and her books on her website:



Heather Nichols

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