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Creation is an adventure – a state of mind – a space of being – that, when you are willing to PLAY with it, becomes a ride of expansion, delight, joy, and a life & living beyond anything you ever imagined.  Join us for the Creation of Living Summer 2018 series – a foray into some potent, different, and insanely fun tools, choices, conversations, and spaces of creation that you can add to your toolbox to have a life, living, and reality that you adore!  Ready for a lil’ dose of hedonism?  You know you are, you crazy bitch! 🙂

Join us for any one, two, three or more of the calls and 21 day adventures – or take the plunge into ALL OF IT!

Are you a hedonist? Join the entire series (all classes below) for $650 USD


Cha-Chinnng! Using Judgment to Your Advantage

A One time call with Heather Nichols

Have you ever adjusted what you are doing, choosing or being to try and avoid somebody’s judgment?  How did that work out for ya? When we try to avoid judgment the only thing that it creates is a diminishment of what we can be and receive… MORE

June 5 – $65 USD


Body, Sex, & Being – The Movement Series

Do you have a body?  How’s it going?  Do you enjoy it, hate it, wish it would go away, or just generally tolerate it?  What if you could have a level of body YUM that you might not even imagine is possible?  What if having a body could be an orgasmic adventure of creation and living?  Join Heather for daily energetic exercises, conversations, and MOVEMENT! (yes!  for real – movement!  Like – of your body!  Your joints, your bones, your muscles and beyond!….) MORE

June 7 – 27  – $200 USD


The Quantum Entanglements of Possibility Exuding from Every Molecule on the Planet

Thank you, Gary Douglas!  This class is titled from a quote by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, that made my world go BOOM!  What if you could be that?  What if you could receive that? What if your awareness – all day long – every day – could be of the molecular possibility, joy, and creation that is actually available to the rare few who choose?…  MORE

June 26 & July 3 – $100 USD


Ask + Receive – 21 Days of Elegance

Only hedonists have a reality where they ask for things – and then they show up!  Are you one of those?  Do you dare be?  Having the elegance of ask + receive as a reality is no small choice – and requires a space of being & a willingness to receive with ease that is beyond this reality.  So we are gonna go there!  Yeah!  21 days – energetic exercises and pulls with Heather – only for the courageous beasts that are ready to have irrational ease with creation!

July 3 – 23 – $200 USD


What Choices Do You Have that Nobody Else Has?

The key to creating everything you desire and everything you are aware is possible – is to recognize that there are choices and possibilities available to you that are not actually available to others.  What if that was not wrong or you being superior – but an acknowledgement of the difference that you, as a unique being, be?  When you realize that your unique awareness brings you unique possibilities and choices – and you begin to create from & with all of that – universes of creation open up to you like never before!  Join us for this potent one-time call.

July 10 – $65 USD


Actualize • The Business & Money Pulls

It’s getting real around here!  You can create… you can choose… you can ask for things – are you willing to do and be whatever it takes to actualize what you are asking for?  Actualization is about things actually showing up!  Coming to fruition.  Being born.  Being a reality for you and others.  And it’s one of the places where things often fall flat.  But a good hedonist actually HAS a ridiculously pleasurable reality  – they don’t just talk about it!  So – you ready?  To dive in to daily energetic exercises, energy pulls, conversations, and ACTION that brings everything you are asking for to fruition with total ease? We thought so.  Let’s do this!

July 23 – August 12 – $200 USD