Access X-Men: The Undiscovered Possibilities ~ 1 Day Class 

WHEN: February 21, 2020
WHERE: Mexico City & Online

Business Done Different ~ 3 Day Joy of Business Master Class 2.0 w/Sylvia Puentes

WHEN: February 22-24, 2020
WHERE: Mexico City & Online

Business Done Different ~ 3 Day Joy of Business Master Class 2.0

WHEN: March 13-15, 2020
WHERE: Boulder, Co & Online

Business Done Different ~ 3 Day Joy of Business Master Class 2.0

WHEN: May 1-3, 2020
WHERE: St Petersburg, Russia & Online

Creation of Living ~ 4 Day Class

WHEN: July 24-27, 2020
WHERE: Paris, France & Online

The thing about Heather is she’s willing to GO! And if you hop in, the adventure is sure to be filled with a potency that’s vulnerable and clear and chaotic – all at the same time.
There is no agenda. It’s a true exploration of subjects and energies and conversations that are different.
And I don’t know about you, but what I’m looking for – fresh, alive and inviting.
Michele Follis

Working one on one with Heather has created massive change for me in a very short period of time. The most dynamic change I have received in these past nine months of doing private sessions with Heather is that I have truly created a life that is not run by judgment, which is a space I used to spend the majority of my time.

My entire life I have been playing the mental health game, in and out of the offices of various mental health professionals… psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, yoga and craniosacral therapists. I have struggled with the symptoms of extreme self-judgement (AKA generalized anxiety disorder, according to the DSM)… making myself wrong for my choices, beating myself up for not doing things “right”, hating my body, making choices based on the judgments of everyone else around me, the list can go on and on!

The tools of Access Consciousness that Heather plays with and how she uses them to facilitate change in the world are nothing short of phenomenal, creative, potent and DYNAMIC.  I can honestly say I do not go into judgment of myself for any of the choices I make anymore, good or bad, right or wrong.  I have so much more allowance, awareness and gratitude for me, my body and my business.  I actually have the tools required to create the life I have always known was possible!

There is also a lack of need in my world that I didn’t even know could expand my life and living the way that it has.  This space of truly having my own back, knowing that I can create my life from true joy, true expansion, and with incredible ease where absolutely ANYTHING is possible is a gift that I cannot even begin to put into words.

Thank you Heather, I love you, I love these tools and I love CHOOSING more!

Dr. Katrina L. Rinne, DPT

Heather has been a catalyst for change in my world the past 2 years. I “wandered” into a bars class (had no idea what Bars was) with Heather in February 2016 and my life was turned upside down. She has invited me to see that I am radically different than most people, I am an awesome creator, and there are infinite possibilities available to me. She has provided a wonderful space for me to be more of who I truly BE.

Over the past 2 years I have done 3 sets of business pods, many months of energy pulls, her Joy of Business Classes and a lot of her miscellaneous calls. I find that when I stay in the energy of her classes there is a buzz in my world that is very generative, even if I do not attend every single class. I have immense gratitude Heather, THANK YOU!

Dr. Jo Lynn Hawthorne, OB/GYN

I had the good fortune to meet Heather at a workshop in Denver while I was starting a new chapter in my journey.

I didn’t realise how life changing this chapter would be or how lucky I was that Heather was a part of it. Since that fateful meeting, I have attended several of Heather‘s workshops and classes.  She has assisted me in seeing what else is possible and allowed me to shift in my own way and time (with an occasional nudge).

Heather has an intuitive knowing and is highly skilled at what she does; A personality like hers is difficult to find and wonderful to encounter.

If you happen find yourself in conversation with her, I highly recommend using her abilities and capacities to your full advantage.  I know I will.

Grant Gallicano

Heather, I just wanted to thank you again for our sexual bodywork session!

I’ve had a few weeks perspective and although I was initially semi-terrified, you quickly put me at ease. It was a real pleasure working with someone so powerful, clear, and direct.

Our session really helped me in a number of ways — permanently — and there was very little backsliding on my part!

I’m very grateful for this newfound freedom and understanding! You SUPER rock!!! Thank you!

Jeff Fitzmyers

As a new Certified Facilitator, I had no idea what I was doing in creating a business, and working with Heather in her Generative Business Pods (and everything else she created) took me from someone who was clueless about how to use question, choice, possibility and contribution to someone that was able to begin creating the platform for what today is a multi-six figure online facilitation business.

She continues to be the one person I call when I need that shot of support or a loving ‘get yer head outta yer ass, yer awesome’.  Heather is a facilitator that walks what she talks, uses the tools dynamically and constantly chooses to create a totally different reality, and is one of my favourite people to recommend.

Your life will change in staggeringly beautiful ways. 🙂

Christel Crawford

Heather, you LIVE your potency and while you taught me tools to do the same, you infused me by osmosis to BE all of me. Access introduced me to the tools to completely shift my whole world, and you modeled the change I will become. Your potency is an infectious ease, and I’ve been telling everyone I know: if you’re on the fence about working with Heather, PLEASE choose to jump.

However – if you’re not ready for real change, don’t take any Access classes with Heather. She won’t let you fall back, only forward. She kicked me off my cliff and screamed “climb!” knowing full well I’d enjoy the view beyond my imagination.

The list of exciting shifts that has happened for me since your class grows exponentially by the day. Now I – am developing my amazingly potent world.

There aren’t enough ways to say Thank You.”

Karen B., Washington

“Heather’s sweet invitation for more ignited ALIVENESS that I turned off for good – until now!

I have been forever changed throughout and following the 5 Days to Change Your Life Class. My being has returned to a vibrancy and aliveness and permeating space that was dimmed within me.

Thank you for being the feather-touch of consciousness and the invitation for more, Heather!

I accept with deep gratitude for you!”

Syllviea H., Las Vegas, NV

“I’ve had the privilege of taking several of Heather Nichol’s Access Consciousness and related classes. I also listen regularly to her very informative and thoroughly fun radio show “Creating Beyond Reality!”

I have benefitted greatly by her facilitation via these venues.

One of her greatest gifts, which enormously enhance her talent to facilitate and have immeasurably enriched my life, is her bodywork sessions.

I found these sessions to exponentially assist in energetic and thus physical self-healing which opened, and continues to open up limitless possibilities for ease, joy, abundance, and creativity for my whole being.

Words which come to me from Heather’s bodywork sessions:

  • Spacious
  • Easeful
  • Joyful
  • Restful
  • Rejuvenating
  • Liberating
  • Honoring
  • Caring
  • Gratefulness and Gratitude
  • No judgments
  • No self-judgments
  • Light and Light-filled
  • Invigorating
  • Generative
  • Inspiring

… well as an increased, spherical Awareness of the gift that I am, and that everyone else is, including the Earth, the Universe and beyond anything better than we could ever imagine.

To write that I highly recommend Heather Nichols for bodywork sessions would be an understatement.

She is gentle and powerful at the same time. She is, and fully receives for all our benefits, a beautiful combination of playfulness and potency that can create miracles for those who are willing to receive and be miracles that we all Be. She, and her sessions have been all that for me.

She is pure magic.”

J.P., Colorado

“I recently had a session with Heather at a Level 2 / 3 class. It was one of the MOST amazing sessions I have ever received. Although her touch was gentle and nurturing, I could perceive my body actually shifting and changing throughout the session. Heather’s level of presence with my body invited me into that same presence. It was phenomenal. Just writing about it takes me back to that space. The peace and relaxation I felt was indescribable. Thank you Heather for the enormous gift and contribution you be.”

Glenyce Hughes Access Consciousness Facilitator, Alberta Canada

“Working with Heather has been like the gift I didn’t even know I wanted. She creates her life by following the joy and the energy, and Nothing is off-limits.

I tend to get stuck in the muck, and it’s the one thing I can never do when I’m talking to her. She’s joy and space