way, way, way- more?

Have you ever been made wrong for desiring way, way, way- more?  

Creating always for 'more' makes you different from the rest of the world. How different are you willing to be?  Welcome to MORE: the Creation of Living Lounge, where ‘more’ is not a wrongness, but a contribution to something far greater for you and the world.

What if  your brilliant, delicious, tenacious, incessant desire for 'more' was part of your very make-up as a dynamically different creature on the planet?  What if you could celebrate that - and you?


This monthly program includes:

  • a monthly interactive zoom call with Heather on various topics
  • 3 Facebook lives per month in a private group, and... MORE.


$85/ month recurring
*this program is included in Heather's Generative Business Pods: The Elegance of Creation that starts August 20


Access Consciousness Global Pricing applies on this program. Click HERE to find out your price in the world. 

The Creation of Living Lounge

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