Welcome to the Creation of Living podcast with Heather Nichols! Join us for conversations and inspirations that ignite your creative fire, infuse pleasure into your life & living, and explore the pragmatics of living from beauty, possibility, wonder, and choice. 

What if your joy is a unique gift that only you can be for the world?


May 17, 2021
Ep 3 – A different possibility with bodies

Have you been desiring something different with your body yet not knowing how to achieve it?  What if change with your body becomes available more than ever when you start to have communion with it?  So many of us judge and try to force our bodies into being different.  What if there is a totally […]

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May 15, 2021
Ep 2 – It's not fair

Where in your life have you not been willing to choose more because it would not be fair? What if functioning from a reality of fairness for all is actually not a contribution or an act of kindness to you or anyone else? Join Heather Nichols and Emily Evans Russell in a refreshing exploration of […]

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February 11, 2021
Ep 1 – The Magic of Being

  Magic is when something shows up that isn't supposed to. How do we create that in our lives? Join Heather Nichols and Sylvia Puentes in a conversation on the pragmatics of magic - that shows up when you go beyond the definitions you have of you and the world - and choose to BE […]

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