30 min Symphony of Possibilities Session

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These unique energetic hands-on and -off sessions are a deep dive into the ease & potency of change that is available in any area of your body or life when you choose it.

Symphony of Possibilities sessions create dynamic & miraculous energetic change that ripples into your whole life & future, clearing what no longer works, and opening up spaces of being, joy, potency, creativity, and aliveness that has previously been inaccessible to you.

Can be done in person or online via Zoom video conference.

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5 reviews for 30 min Symphony of Possibilities Session

  1. Albena Nikolova

    Delicious, gentle, potent, kind, caring, honouring, expanding, empowering...
    The SOP session with Heather created ripples of brilliance for a looooong time.
    Highly recommendable

  2. Stephanie Lynde

    I have been asking for more in an undefined, no parameters way, just for the awareness and the receiving of it all. And it is showing up in beautiful ways. My sessions with Heather have expanded this ask in a way that has brought so much more and more and more gratitude into my life. For everything! Everything is and can be a contribution when I’m in allowance and am willing to receive. The more I acknowledge this gratitude the more my life expands in all areas that have brought more fun, ease, joy and playfulness to my world. Thank you Heather. This and you are priceless. What else, what else, what else?!
    What if the purpose of life is to have FUN!? With everything? Oceans of gratitude here. ❤️🌺🎉🌺❤️

  3. Ava

    I have no words to describe what this session created for me. To say the least, my world has exploded and a greater future is now here! ✨

    Thank you Heather, for everything you be!!! For anyone considering, if this is pinging you, PLEASE trust what you know! I cannot recommend it enough! ✨🥂

  4. Elena Pekárová

    SOP session was like comming home ✨ space if deep kindness ✨ energy of gentle invitation to more what is possible and acknowledging that each of us is a source ✨ Thank you Heather, what is now truly possible? ✨

  5. Birkit

    Omg, your SOP sessions are insane! I can’t even describe what has changed for me. So f-ing grateful waaaa!

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