Ready to turn it up? Turn it on? Get down to creation in a totally different way – that includes your body more dynamically than ever before? What would it be like to take 30 days and cultivate a space of sexualness with your body and with everything you are creating? What would a massive increase of nurturing – creative – orgasmic – joyful – expansive energies with your body and life create in your world and in the world? Let’s find out! Spend 20 minutes each day with Heather Nichols cultivating a space of intimacy with your body and with how your body contributes to the creation of everything you would love to create – and watch your life explode with possibility! Your body is a primary element in the conversation of creation. Do you acknowledge that – and it? What would change if you did? The Sex & Creation Energy pulls include 30 Facebook Live videos done in a private Facebook group as well as audio downloads of each video.