Actualize: The Business & Money Energy Pulls


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It’s getting real around here!  You can create… you can choose… you can ask for things – are you willing to do and be whatever it takes to actualize what you are asking for?  Actualization is about things actually showing up!  Coming to fruition.  Being born.  Being a reality for you and others.  And it’s one of the places where things often fall flat.  But a good hedonist actually HAS a ridiculously pleasurable reality  – they don’t just talk about it!  So – you ready?  To dive in to daily energetic exercises, energy pulls, conversations, and ACTION that brings everything you are asking for to fruition with total ease?

This class was offered in July of 2018.  Upon purchase of this product you will receive the downloads to all mini classes and energetic exercises with Heather.


2 reviews for Actualize: The Business & Money Energy Pulls

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    jayne_micallef (verified owner)

    OH BOY WHAT A CONTRIBUTION!!! I actually chose these pulls after watching one of Heather’s fabulous and very funny cocktail chats on Facebook. And what a choice that turned out to be! There’s SOOO much space in these pulls my awareness has rocketed off the frigging charts and my way of ‘doing things’ is different…so much showing up.
    Thank you Heather, so grateful for you ♥

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    rts523 (verified owner)

    I saw a video of Heather and decided to do these pulls with her.
    If you haven’t experienced her stop what you are doing and sign up for the next series whatever it is. She is Amazing.
    She is fun and light and love and space and flow. She follows the energy and delivers what everyone needs right now. And then she takes it up a notch just when you thought it wasn’t possible to get anything more out of your time with her.
    She is an amazing facilitator and an embodiment of conscious wisdom.
    Your life will change if you let it. How does it get even better than this? And what else is possible?

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