Being the Arrogance that Creates a different future

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What is your reality? Do you dare live it - unapologetically?

Call recorded: Oct 13, 2020

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1 review for Being the Arrogance that Creates a different future

  1. Colette LaMuse (verified owner)

    Holy Sh*t. I feel like I just fell into another reality - like Alice down the rabbit hole - into a whole new world. And I really, really like it. I know I was directed to this conversation (and the Joy of Being a Bitch) and they were both mind blowing, eye opening, perspective shifting, life altering. If you want to get caught up into a greater dimension of truth and being. This is it. The analogy that comes to my mind is like how we can get on a plane go up in the sky and land in a new place. Well, the wisdom here is like getting into a plane on a HIGHER dimension and ending up in a whole new world - way up there somewhere wonderful - from which you never want to return. Thank you for BEING. And for being presently available for someone like me to see with new eyes.

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