Ask and Receive – 21 Days of Elegance Energy Pulls


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One of the most powerful energy pull series Heather has done so far, this series will re-wire the way you interact with the universe and the way you create.  Are you ready to have a ridiculously elegant reality with receiving and creation?  Having the elegance of ask + receive as a reality is no small choice – and requires a space of being & a willingness to receive with ease that is beyond this reality.  A conversation in being & receiving, this  21 days of energetic exercises and energy pulls with Heather are for the courageous few that are ready to have irrational ease with creation!

INCLUDES:  22 Facebook Live videos + downloadable audios


5 reviews for Ask and Receive – 21 Days of Elegance Energy Pulls

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The daily energy pulls with Heather are my way of elevating and expanding who I be continually! As a creative entrepreneur, business owner and leader of several teams, the pulls are a daily space to rejuvenate, renew and expand the possibilities in my world. It’s a daily breath of fresh spaciousness! This ALWAYS leads to being and doing far more for more clients, colleagues and team members. Each pull leaves me with a different kind of empowerment to share with the world. Unexpected and hidden parts of me are revealed. I am even more inspired, clear, powerful and energized. What else is possible? There is a peace and grace that unfolds during my days.

    For me, these pulls are a pragmatic way to move forward my ideas and expand the momentum of possibilities that is so unlike a typical mediation, quiet space or daily writing. It’s living WAY out of the box, off the matrix and beyond. Its where I THRIVE.

    They are the conversation and realities I have perceived and demanded to have, showing up. Heather brings it with the new perspectives and possibilities. And If a day is tough, they bring me right out of that funk, dust or heaviness into light spaciousness. Who wouldn’t choose that?

    They invite me to the life and living I used to imagine and now actualize on a daily basis. Talk about having so much more fun, joy and aliveness flood my world, on-goingly! There is a natural tsunami of creativity, flow, joy, fun, space, grace, ease and wealth that I have previously not even considered, that is now an ever going reality in my business, living and contribution! Thank you Heather.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve been crying everyday on these pulls and supposedly that doesn’t sounds so promising and inviting (:
    But it seems like layers and layers of pain and suffering are being peeled off because of the space of being Heather is willing to be and of the reality she is inviting us to join. the pulls have always been such a contribution to my life, but wow. This set of pulls! If you would like a window or a door to a whole new world of possibilities, ask + receive 21 days is it!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Heather, I got so much used to your daily pulls, they lighten my day. There is no better way to have a little Gary Douglas desert in my life every day. You just feed us with it in small potions daily. Thank you!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love those 21 day sets so much – no matter what topic I choose – because they always create. This everyday pulling energy into what you are asking for… is just amazing.

    Being you in a space where there is no judgement, no right and wrong… it is pure being, pure creation, to be with what you would like to create for yourself and…. the world or whatever it is for you.

    Bigger life, better sex, great relationships, being happy … more money… business… you name it.

    It is you… that creates in this beautiful space.

    Heather to me … her being… which is totally different every day… is a HUGE contribution…Kindness, Demand, Caring, Ass Kicking, Beauty, Joy… the energy and space that she bes is amazing.

    And being with these pulls… for 21 days… committing to them, to you, to listen and be that space and pull energy through it every day for 3 weeks… is shifting and changing so much for me… that I hardly have words for it.

    It is so much gratitude I have for these conversations and pulls, what they create in my world and for this kind and generous and tenacious and rocking and going lady, that is just WOW and BOOM.

    😀 Thank you Heather for you and all the magic and change you bring into my world with these pulls and gratitude and joy for me… for choosing them 😀

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cristol Bailey (verified owner)

    These pulls have rocked my world! I have had a yearning for a different reality for a long time and felt like I would never know how to make that show up. I hid behind the belief that I couldn’t have what I want because I haven’t done a bunch of Access classes and I don’t have my Bars run. Working with Heather has been like jumping on a rocket ship to another world of possibilities. I’ve let go of the lie that a small-town school teacher is all that I am and I’m ready to play with the universe, using the tools from these pulls, to create a life beyond my wildest dreams. I am so grateful for Heather and the contribution to this planet, and everyone on it , that she chooses to be.

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