Ask + Receive - The art of actualization

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When you desire something, do you jump to figuring out right away how you are going to create it - or do you ask for it and allow it to come?

Actualizing what we desire is an art - that requires a different point of view.
Join Heather Nichols for a 30 day journey into the ease, joy, and glory of asking - relaxing - and receiving.

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3 reviews for Ask + Receive - The art of actualization

  1. Gisela (verified owner)

    Ask and receive has been such a contribution. This series is not really over - it keeps creating and creating and then there is more receiving. And all the subtle and not so subtle ways of being able to receive more and create more and acknowledge more create a totally different future with more fun and ease and joy and glory! HDGABTT?

  2. Alyssa (verified owner)

    Heather has done it again! Her classes keep me motivated, excited and in "the flow" of creation. This class especially was a super generative contribution that continues to gift beyond! How does it get better, I wonder?? XOXO

  3. Albena Nikolova

    I have been so a lot of the monthly creations with Heather for some years now...and this 30-days adventure is one of my most most favourites! In the middle of the series things and people ( I have been willing to have in my life for a while) have started showing up in my life in an unexpected delightful ways. Magical!

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