Body, Sex & Being – the Movement Series Energy Pulls


Do you have a body?  How’s it going?  Do you enjoy it, hate it, wish it would go away, or just generally tolerate it?  What if you could have a level of body YUM that you might not even imagine is possible?  What if having a body could be an orgasmic adventure of creation and living?

Join Heather for daily energetic exercises, conversations, and MOVEMENT! (yes! For real – movement!  Like – of your body!  Your joints, your bones, your muscles and beyond! You know, moving that thing that always asks you to move but that you ignore?  Yeah, that!)  What if every move you make could be laden with joy, with sexualness, with deliciousness, with creation?

This series was offered in May 2018.  Upon purchase you will receive an email with the audio downloads.



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