Body, Show Me: What are you capable of?


What if your body could become greater every day - no matter your age? What would it be like to enjoy your body? To adore it? To trust it? To let it show you what it is truly, magically capable of? What is possible with bodies that we have never considered - and what does your body know about that?

You and your body are invited to be part of a very different and special edition of Body, Show Me. Take a journey from the lies and limitations of this reality and the medical model of problem/solution -- into a space of communion with your body where you create your body as greater every day. Explore the tools of Access Consciousness that allow you to have a totally different relationship with your body, and a new reality with it as a result.

This series is also part of the creation of Heather's upcoming book!
Be part of a world changing conversation for bodies, and let's discover together what else is truly, truly possible now with bodies and the earth.

Recorded Jan - Mar 2022

Class consist of 8 x 60min Audio Recordings and 8 x 60min Video Recordings


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