Business Holiday Thrival
An 8 Week Joy of Business Adventure


November 8 – January 3

Do you and your business get sleepy over the holiday season? What if that didn’t have to be the case? What if you could have a dynamic, creative, and lucrative holiday season – no matter what your business is?

What if your enthusiasm for creation – for living – for what you would like to see in the world – could be the energy that creates you and your business as irresistible?  What would it be like to create your business with no objectives, no reference points, and no need of any kind?  This is the beginning of total possibility and receiving as a reality for you.

Let’s have fun with business this holiday season! What if it could be the best 2 months of 2018 for you and your business?

This class also includes Heather’s annual 5 Days of Creation: New Year, New World, New You! calls December 26 – 30.

To pay in 2 payments of $400 you can pay HERE

Members of this class also receive a $125 discount on Heather’s Money Sessions program starting November 20.  For more information or to join, go here.


This 9 week zoom series is a combination of the Joy of Business class: Access Business & Money, followed by 4 weeks of pragmatic application of the tools + supercharged creation in YOUR business!

Week 1 – Facebook live mini-class extravaganza with Heather in a private FB group.

Weeks 2-5: The epic Access Business and Money Class including the manual!

Week 6 – 9: The tools applied to *your* business – we will be looking at your business and giving facilitation, tools, and suggestions specific to you!

Week 6: Your Revenue Streams & Financial Systems

Week 7: Your Business Systems

Week 8: Your Marketing

Week 9: Creating The Future of Your Business


November 15 @ 11am PT  

November 21 @ noon PT

November 29 @ 1pm PT

December 6, 13, 20 @ 1pm PT

December 27 @ 1:30 pm PT

January 3 @1pm PT


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An 8 Week Joy of Business Adventure”