Generative Business Pods ~ Un-defining Business

What you define, you confine.  When you make business mean something specific - about you, about your worth, about your life or the world or how things are - you squash possibilities and eliminate magic.  What if business was not significant?  What if money wasn’t either?  And they, and you could be so much greater with ease?


Now is the space for something very different on the planet with business, money and creation.  What if business was simply the joy of creating a very different life & future?  And what if money showed up in your life in wild and wonderful ways as a result - and you didn’t have to know how it was all going to happen?  Creating business from no definition takes courage.  It’s different.  Are you?

Welcome to Heather Nichols' Generative Business Pods - a 6 month adventure of creation and embodiment of the tools of Access Consciousness and the Joy of Business. What if your life and business could show up with way more ease, elegance, joy, and effortlessness than you can imagine? Is it time?

This program includes large group calls 2x per month, small group pod calls 1x per month, 3x 30 minute private sessions with Heather, and many many extras!

Program starts: Feb 1 @ 11am PT | Your Time

Let's kick off this adventure early!
Join us for X-Men in Business starting Jan 19, this 3 part tele call is included in the pods,