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Hello you! it’s me - the planet!
I am here with you & grateful for you!
I see you & the magic you be!
I see and acknowledge your power.

I have one huge ask for the new year:
Let’s talk more, let’s perceive more, let’s be more, let’s receive more — and let’s create the true magic we can create from connection rather than separation. You are me and I am you and we are we!
Let´s be the Oneness we truly be together!

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2 reviews for Our Planet Our Future - Free Zoom

  1. Gloria

    What an amazing invitation!!
    THANKS!!! 🎁🌎💫❤🌠💫💫🌎🎉🎉🎉🎉

  2. Nina Di Paola (verified owner)

    Heather Nichols is so committed to changing the world for the better by seeing the unique gifts and the power in everyone that she never fails,, even if I'm feeling curmudgeonly, to remind me that my potency lies in the joy of the space and ease that I truly be. Every time I've listened to her, and this call is no exception, maybe even one in which she's at her most insightful, I am lighter, more sure that I can create a future that I desire, no matter what others are choosing, and experiencing my favorite place of, "What problem?" Thank you, Heather. I would so like to clone you and have at least one of you in all the principle cities around the world. AND with the miracle of the internet we kinda get to have that.

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