Out of Control ~ SOP Group Taster Series

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What would it be like if you were out of control, out of definition, out of limitation, out of form, structure, significance, out of concentricity, and out of linearity with the creation of your life & living?

Join Heather for 21 days of Symphony of Possibilities group tasters done via zoom and Facebook live. (your choice)

June 6 - 26 @ 10:30am PT
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1 review for Out of Control ~ SOP Group Taster Series

  1. Ruth Bartleet (verified owner)

    Update a few days in:
    OMG!! I asked for something big on day 1 and straight away my body responded. Over the last few days, the thrum in my body has been growing till it started juddering (I thought something was wrong with my car till I sat down inside and the juddering continued). And then a 4 hour Bars swop allowed the energies to release dynamically and for the first time ever my legs lie flat! Hooray! Thank you so much!

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