Sex & Relationship - 30 Days of MORE

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What do you know is possible with relationships and your sex life that you may have given up on?
Let's change that so you can have what would be fun for you!

Join Heather Nichols for 30 days of inspiring and hey - maybe even taboo - conversations about what is possible with sex & relationships so you can start to have way more ease and fun in this area of your life!

This 30 day program was recorded Sep 2020.

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2 reviews for Sex & Relationship - 30 Days of MORE

  1. Krista Alexander (verified owner)

    Thank you Heather for this incredible journey into sex and relationships.

    The biggest thing I can take away is the awareness I have received around some very interesting points of views I've been functioning from in regards to sex and relationships.

    And to realize they weren't even my points of views but ones that I took on from others as my own. I've seen my relationship with my husband and children as well as my co-workers and really everyone change as I've practiced being in allowance of myself and others.

    So much has happened, so many subtle things that seem not subtle at all anymore when I look back at how much has changed in 30 short days.

    And what else is truly possible now? I so highly recommend this incredible journey. Thank you Heather❤️

  2. Sylvia Johnson (verified owner)

    Well ..... What more can I say, than the timing of these calls and my connecting with you, is absolutely perfect.
    My husband and I have been together for 30 years, we are ready to explore more possibilities.
    These calls are such an inspiration for all the relationships, I encounter, through my days.
    Furthermore, my body desires you to keep on inspiring, exploring, sharing, more, more, more possibilities.
    Soooooo flippin grateful for you and all your generosity of spirit. My body and I adore you.

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