Sex & Relationship - 30 Days of MORE


What do you know is possible with relationships and your sex life that you may have given up on?
Let's change that so you can have what would be fun for you!

Join Heather Nichols for 30 days of inspiring and hey - maybe even taboo - conversations about what is possible with sex & relationships so you can start to have way more ease and fun in this area of your life!

First call: September 7, 2020 @noon PT

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Heather's gift, have a listen to Day 1


This series will be done via Facebook live in a private group.
Heather will go live at the same time most days for about 15-20 minutes.
Audio recordings will be available for download as well.

Dates & times: daily FB live chats/energy exercises
Sept 7 - Oct 6 @ 12pm PT each day for 20 min

First call: September 7, 2020 @noon PT

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