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Healing, caring, nurturing, generative, creative, joyful, expansive, and orgasmic energies - Sexualness is the energy of the earth, of being, and the energy that your body IS when you don't have a point of view. What would it be like to melt the world with the joy of sexualness, the ease of being, and the glory of embodiment?

Join Heather Nichols for a 30 day adventure of sexualness - recorded Facebook lives with energetic exercises for you and your sweet, amazing body.

Translated into:
Česky - (Czech) | Eesti (Estonian) | Français - (French)Deutsch - (German) | Español - (Spanish) | Türk - (Turkish)

2 reviews for SEXUALNESS

  1. Lelani

    Phenomenal class about receiving - from everybody and everything!

  2. Albena Nikolova (verified owner)

    This 30-days journey changed so much for me in such a way that I could not deny it... I embraced it and chose to BE it. In the middle of the series I have noticed suddenly people turning heads after me, people being way nicer to me... Kids were very keen to hug me, animals were so happy to be around me... Very grateful for this series

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