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Healing, caring, nurturing, generative, creative, joyful, expansive, and orgasmic energies - Sexualness is the energy of the earth, of being, and the energy that your body IS when you don't have a point of view. What would it be like to melt the world with the joy of sexualness, the ease of being, and the glory of embodiment?

Join Heather Nichols for a 30 day adventure of sexualness - recorded Facebook lives with energetic exercises for you and your sweet, amazing body.

Translated into:
Česky - (Czech) | Eesti (Estonian) | Français - (French)Deutsch - (German) | Español - (Spanish) | Türk - (Turkish)


1 review for SEXUALNESS

  1. Lelani

    Phenomenal class about receiving - from everybody and everything!

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