The Intimacy of Potency ~ 5 Elements of Being ~ Zoom series

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Having and being the 5 elements of intimacy: allowance, honor, gratitude, vulnerability, and trust will give you everything - especially the fullness and the potency of you.

Are you willing to be so potent, so needless, so present as to have that? When you have true intimacy with you - you can have beyond this reality intimacy with the world, with your body, with the earth, and with all of creation. Join Heather for 6 potent zoom calls done in December of 2019.

(This series was also available as part of the Intimacy & The Seduction of Being package that includes The Silence & Seduction of Being energy pulls)


1 review for The Intimacy of Potency ~ 5 Elements of Being ~ Zoom series

  1. Albena Nikolova

    This series is on my top 10 fav classes folder!! It change my relationship...with me! It changed my relationship with my body! It was probably after call 4 that I could see where I had been choosing unkindness with and towards me...and a lot has changed for me. I truly have more people around me who are kind, honouring, vulnerable, in allowance, grateful, trust. Highly highly recommendable series. Warning: this is a potent life-changing series. Some of the assholes around you might leave your life after this 😀

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