XMen + Sex: An Exploration Beyond

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What capacities do you and your body have with sex, sexualness, sexual energy, and sexual play that you have not yet accessed?

What do you know about what is possible with bodies, sex, copulation, & intimacy that you have not seen in this reality? Often when we have awareness of mega possibilities in an area we shut it down or create problems with it to avoid the potency of what we know and what we be.

Is it time to have a reality with sex & sexual energy that makes you and your body sing?

This uber-potent 3 call series delved into a huge array of conversations around sex, copulation, the 'anatomy' of orgasm, having ease with sexual partners, and beyond this reality possibilities with bodies, embodiment, sex, copulation, and being.

These calls facilitated by Heather Nichols were held in August of 2019.

Listen to these snippets:

1 review for XMen + Sex: An Exploration Beyond

  1. Albena Nikolova

    Life-changing calls! After so many years of the deep underlying wrongness in my world of not having this area of my life "right", being wrong fro not having it right, etc...something shifted very dynamically and I could unburden myself from the decades of unnecessary baggage I have had carried around. Very vulnerable conversations from all the participants. A lot of amazing information on sex, practicalities...which Heather has facilitated and shared with so much ease, space and no point of view. Warning: this series is very potent and life-changing 😀

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