Sex and Bodies - two of the most judged and misunderstood areas of life - are also areas where so much possibility exists for something very different, pleasurable, expansive, and liberating!

There is a war on bodies on the planet right now, and yet there is also a totally different possibility of having communion with our bodies, enjoying our bodies, honoring them, trusting them, and allowing them ultimately to show us what they know and what they are capable of.  What if your body has a unique awareness of its own that can be a huge contribution to you - in your relationship with it and in your sexual life as well?  What would your body truly like to be, that if you listened to it, would allow it to show up with total ease?

A recent conversation I had with Gary Douglas exploded my world open with awareness I have been avoiding for most of my life about abuse. Abuse is one of those things that, when not totally obvious and overt, goes unnoticed. And the thing is - anything that invalidates your being is ultimately abuse. Welcome to this reality.


We grow up in a world that is not about being, or honoring, or having intimacy with ourselves, each other, our bodies - but rather a world that has been designed to invalidate you & your body at every turn. Control yourself, control each other, control your body.

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Meet Dr Dain Heer

I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend, Dr Dain Heer.  (if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of discovering him!) 

Dain is a magician with bodies, energy, change, & possibility - and somebody that has changed my life in more ways than I could possibly describe! 

He has contributed universes to the ease I have with my body through his classes, books, and other offerings. 

Check out 2 of my favorites below, and his full website here.

Body Whispering


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