Symphony Sessions:

Welcome to an energetic adventure into way more potency, presence, creation, and you!  These dynamic sessions create immense joy, space, communion, and un-stoppable-ness in your whole body, life, and being! Can be done in person or via video conference.

Access Consciousness Bars and Bodywork:

In-person, hands-on energetic bodywork that relaxes your brain, clears your past, expands your creative potential, and creates molecular change in the body & mind on every level.

Verbal Sessions (phone or skype):

Dive in to a fast and generative space of verbal & energetic facilitation with Heather around any area of your life that you would like to change.  An hour with Heather can change absolutely anything!

Sexual Bodywork:

Ready to replace judgment with total gratitude and celebration? These unique, verbally facilitated bodywork sessions are a culmination of Heather’s many years of facilitating bodies, somatic trauma work, tantric bodywork, and Access Consciousness bodywork & verbal facilitation. These miraculous sessions are a dynamic invitation for you to become the sexualness, suppleness, & potency you truly be.

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Take a ½ or full day dive into the dynamic creation of your life, living, business, and body!  These sessions include verbal facilitation, energetic bodywork, SOP sessions, Access Consciousness Bars, creative exploration, and can catapult you into a completely different space of creation, aliveness, and possibility.

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Generative business pods

What if your business could flourish as you choose to be and receive more? What would it be like to have a business that is fun for you, that works for you, and that is part of the adventure of your life?

And what if your money flows could increase as you have more joy in your life and business?

Join Heather and the Generative Business Pods team for a 4 month deep dive into the creation of business in a pragmatic, energetic, and totally different way!

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Where In The World is Heather

  • Ongoing availability in Boulder, CO and Seattle, WA
  • La Fortuna, Costa Rica Aug 22 – 29
  • Rome, Italy Sept 18 – 24
  • La Fortuna, Costa Rica Oct 17 – 27
  • Delhi & Mumbai India Nov 2019
  • Italy & Europe January 2020