Access Consciousness X-Men is a specialty area that invites you to look at people who function differently (perhaps that includes you!) from a completely different perspective. People who have either been diagnosed with, or have energetic tendencies toward OCD, ADD, ADHD, and/or autism have capacities totally beyond this reality. These are the X-Men of the world!

X-Men are highly aware, sensitive, often psychic, brilliant - and also misfits. X-Men don’t ‘get’ how others work - or the world for that matter - and have internalized that lack of understanding as a shortcoming. What most X-Men don’t grow up knowing about themselves, though, is that they function so differently from the rest of the world because they have an awareness of a different future and a different possibility for us and our planet that is definitely not of the norm.

X-Men are a gift. You are a gift. Perhaps the world has never made sense to you? If so, you just might be an X-Men!


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