...being 5 years old, playing outside, looking up at the sky, and realizing there was so much more to all of this than people were talking about. I tucked that knowing into my pocket and never doubted it.

Fast forward, about 35 years. I was a somatic psychotherapist & movement facilitator, I had just sold my movement studio & wellness center, had 1- & 3-year-old boys, and was getting divorced. The sense that so much more was possible had crept back in and I knew that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t run full speed ahead in that direction.

This is when Access Consciousness came in to my life. A friend had offered to “run my Bars” and, being a lover of hands-on energy work, I said yes. She finished the session and I felt like she had poured bliss into my whole body and being.

Single motherhood had been a struggle, getting divorced and dismantling my life had been stressful, my body was not happy, and I was just starting to build my business again after having babies.

I kept having my Bars run. I took the Access Consciousness Bars class as soon as I could. And I started running literally and figuratively in the direction of so much MORE.

I discovered that I had found a gold mine. The gold mine was the tools of Access Consciousness that I was using to change everything with so much ease, levity, fun. And - the gold mine that I really found was ME.

I became a Certified Access Consciousness facilitator in 2013 and never looked back. My business exploded, my chronic pain and severe allergies vanished, my long distance relationship flourished, parenting became easy, I started meeting people that I could truly call friends - that were also crazy wonderful incessant seekers for something different, joyful, more, & greater.

I started having FUN.

And from there, things just keep growing and getting greater all the time.

The tools of Access Consciousness are one of the greatest gifts in my life, and I use and live them every day, with everything I do & be. It turns out, living a life of ease, joy, and glory is not always the most popular choice in a world largely committed to seriousness and trauma & drama. I have also found out just how much our points of view create our reality - and that we truly can choose, change, and create anything.

That 5 year old girl back in 1976 was damn smart. I’m grateful for that glimmer that has grown and grown and grown - and continues to grow.

One of my favorite things in the world is to see people get that they are the creators of their reality and of our future. That they matter - and are far, far more powerful than they realize. Watching people become increasingly joyful, creative, fulfilled, and successful is truly a gift that I get to receive every day as a facilitator of consciousness.

How did I get so lucky, and how does it get better than this?

What if you, being you - is all that you require? And a gift that changes the world? Thank you for being here, and thank you for you!
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