I have been playing with bodies, energy, and change my whole life. I started dancing shortly after I learned to walk, and always enjoyed my body. I grew up dancing ballet, and then dancing at Grateful Dead shows, and then owning a movement studio in my home town of Boulder, Co. It was during that time that I also started my private practice as a Social Worker and Somatic Psychotherapist, learned more about business than I ever thought I wanted to, got married, and had 2 babies. Life seemed pretty good until I really started to look at what was possible for me. And that was the moment that I opened a door that I could never close again.

It didn’t matter that I had babies. It didn’t matter that my business was definitely ‘small’ and just chugging along. It didn’t matter that I had no idea how I would create a life that I LOVED… I just knew I had to. So I got divorced, let go of almost everything, and started fresh, two babies in tow. I did Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Feminine Leadership, Osho’s Path of Love… looking for what else and what next.

Shortly thereafter I found Access Consciousness – and I can say that really I found ME. I was able to have conversations with myself that I hadn’t previously been willing to have. I hated being a mom, really. I was miserable in my body after all I had been through birthing babies, and what I knew I could create with my business was nowhere near what I was creating. I got real with me… and started using the tools I was exposed to every day. And more than that – I started trusting ME. I started looking every day at what I actually know that I had never been willing to acknowledge. About my kids. About parenting. About bodies, sex, business, money, creation… you name it. And I started trusting me more, more, more.

Today, that life I knew I could have way back when – I’m living. And it gets greater every day. And I gotta tell you – this is so what I wish to see in the world. If you are not happy, joyful, loving every aspect of your life – please know that this is a possibility for you. You know way more than you think you do about what is true for you and how to create your life. Your life. A life that makes you sing. And I see myself as a guide and a facilitator of that for any and all who choose to play.

I am interested in you knowing what you know. And seeing you create your life from there. Because that is something that will bring you joy again, and again, and again, and again. And nobody can take that away from you, ever. Your joy is what the planet requires. Now. Will you?
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