“What do I charge?!”  Choosing Prices that Work for You

Often when entrepreneurs and coaches are looking at what to charge for their services, they look to the marketplace.  What is the going rate?  What are people willing to pay?  What is [...]

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I doubled my prices, took down my website – and my business exploded

A few years ago I was in the process of creating a new website.  For me that’s always a time when I get to re-vamp my business.  Toss out what is not [...]

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What if there are possibilities you are aware of that nobody else is aware of? What if those possibilities are your brilliance just waiting to be unleashed into the world? As you start to acknowledge more and more the uniqueness of what you know, you start to get that your reality is different from the reality you see around you. When you begin to create your life, living and reality based on what is true for, and vital to, you, everything changes.

Are you ready to start creating your business, your money, your family, your body and your whole life from possibility, joy, magic and ease?

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