Elegance: Minimal effort - maximum result. Are you ready to have elegance with creation, business, and money?  What if business & the creation of revenue streams could be far more fun and easeful than you think? 

In dynamically shifting times, there is a new reality for the creation of business showing up in the world.  If you are going to have ease and success, it's time to make change a key element of your business.  What if change could be fun and incredibly natural?  Even elegant?  When you are ready to shift at a moment's notice, you move with the energy and with the requirements of your business - rather than fighting to stay somewhere that is not relevant anymore.

The Generative Business Pods is a space of continuous creation, magnanimous change, and a playground where being and receiving are the key elements of a successful business.  A 6 month deep dive into living and being the tools of Access Consciousness and the Joy of Business - this program is know for being a game changer in the most epic of ways!


With Heather on the energetics of creation, business systems, money, working with staff, being you in business, and lots more!


Individual facilitation on small group calls with Heather and 4 others.


3 x 30 minute sessions with Heather
either in-person or online.  Additional sessions are available for 50% off during the duration of the program.


For the members of the Generative Business Pods.


Heather's ongoing monthly membership program, MORE, is included for the 6 months of the Business Pods.


We will get an early start on the pods with a 3 part zoom series, The Relaxation of Creation - July 31 - Aug 3.  This is included in the pods.

Space is limited to 20


$650/month USD recurring for 6 months.

Or $3500 USD paid in full.

Pay in full by July 31 and receive a bonus 30 minute session with Heather

(This is a 6 month commitment – not a choose as you go program)


  • "Heather Nichols drops miracles in your lap, if you are willing to choose it. I chose these little changes in my life within the Generative Business Pods: Off the charts income increase, creating a whole new future based on hedonism and ease, a completely new reality in my relationship, which has turned into creationship, turning receiving on to a level that I have never imagined is possible, being happy most of the time. Don’t choose it or you might blow yourself away! My gratitude for Heather and the peeps in the Pods is off the charts! "
    And it is not over yet..."


    S.G - France 
  • "After the Business Done Different class with Heather Nichols, so many things changed in my life. At the end of the month after the class, my income was 4x more than usual and I am enjoying my body more than ever before.

    Heather is amazing facilitator, with total vulnerability and gratitude at the same time for everyone. If You are looking to change something in your life, come to this class. It's not only business. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing!"


    SG - Croatia
  • "We are a week or so into the Generative Business Pods and already money and greater possibility is flowing into my business in ways that of course look nothing like I thought it would. Heather is such an invitation for more, for creation, for having, for being that truly all you have to do is choose and be willing to receive from everyone and everything ANNND WAH-LAH! MAGICK BABY! Whatever you do don’t join the Generative Business Pods!! It will only change EVERYTHING in your world. I’m so grateful for the play, expansion and joy of it all."


    BN - Colorado
  • "Heather, I have been looping for a while24/7 the Being You w/ Money calls... and every day what shows up ...is phenomenal, my receiving is off the charts and magic and miracles are a daily thing now! And ask and receive works with the speed of space ...and my asks actualize within 24 hours with such ease and in ways I could not ever imagined! Truly, how does it get any better than this and what else is possible??"


    AN - Bulgaria
  • "What an incredible 2.5 Days of 'Being You With Money'. I had so many AHAS and 'you get it when you get it' moments. Like when asked, how much am I proving I am not part of this reality with the money I am choosing....' & a few other doozy blind spots that I became aware of. It was wild to spend time in the ENERGY of being me with money throughout the class and to experience those energetic shifts (not cognitive!) and be able to choose something different. I can't say enough about this class and Heather's facilitation of it! And, it was a total blast!
    But don't take my word for it!"


    KRS - Portland, ME, USA
  • "Thanks so much for all of you! There are no words for how much more of me I choose since the Joy of Business class I took with you. You truly are changing the world with every question!"


    TL - Iowa, USA
  • "This is the FAMOUS PODS... gotta love these PODs. a generative EXPANSIVE NURTURING space to explore you with and through your business . If it reads in your world choose it!!! deep dive people you will not regret it .. and if you dont choose it .... ask to still receive , as these PODS and Heather will still facailiate the F out of you energetically!"


    JB - Scotland