What is your reality with business & money?

Welcome to the Generative Business Pods: Being the Anomaly!

FEBRUARY 8 - JULY 31, 2021

Registration closes on February 20th

Are you asking for things in your life and business that go beyond the mediocrity of normal, average, and the same as everybody else?  Are you willing to be as different as you have to be to actualize that?  Are you willing to be as different as you actually are?

What do you know about what your business requires - that is not normal or common? Is it time to choose that - and to trust you?

Welcome to Heather Nichols' Generative Business Pods - a 6 month adventure of creation with the tools of Access Consciousness and the Joy of Business.

Tune into...

A Taste of the Generative Business Pods

January 19th 2021

This 6 month adventure includes:


With Heather on the energetics of creation, business systems, money, working with staff, being you in business, and lots more!


Individual facilitation on small group calls with Heather and 4 others.


3 x 30 minute sessions with Heather
either in-person or online.  Additional sessions are available for 50% off during the duration of the program.


For the members of the Generative Business Pods.


Any 30 day energetic programs that Heather offers during the Business Pods are included for you.

Participants speaking about the Program


$650/month USD recurring for 6 months,

or $3500 USD paid in full.

This is a 6 month commitment – not a choose as you go program.


(If you were a part of the Business Pods in 2020, you are eligible for repeat pricing.)
Please contact Heather’s team for your links via email


  • Heather Nichols drops miracles in your lap, if you are willing to choose it. I chose these little changes in my life within the Generative Business Pods: Off the charts income increase, creating a whole new future based on hedonism and ease, a completely new reality in my relationship, which has turned into creationship, turning receiving on to a level that I have never imagined is possible, being happy most of the time. Don’t choose it or you might blow yourself away! My gratitude for Heather and the peeps in the Pods is off the charts! "
    And it is not over yet...

    Silke Garces

  • Thank you for YOU!

    After 16 years of being self-employed, the business pods opened up much more & easily a bigger business with more money, fun & joy.
    What Heather opens and how she opens it, is indescribable. Such a gentle and undefined invitation that opens my business and all my areas of life into much more of me and ease, enjoyment and prosperity. Creation has become indescribably easy. Ask and you will be given. A magical change in my whole life, view on life and an expansion of my business that is magical.

    Yasmin Bossert

  • We are a week or so into the Generative Business Pods and already money and greater possibility is flowing into my business in ways that of course look nothing like I thought it would. Heather is such an invitation for more, for creation, for having, for being that truly all you have to do is choose and be willing to receive from everyone and everything ANNND WAH-LAH! MAGICK BABY! Whatever you do don’t join the Generative Business Pods!! It will only change EVERYTHING in your world. I’m so grateful for the play, expansion and joy of it all.

    Brandi Nelson

  • Since I joined Heather’s Generative Business Pods program 4 months ago, my life and business have changed in more ways than I could have ever imagined. From money to relationships to simply having more joy and happiness, Heather has been an incredible inspiration and has had my back throughout the program in ways I had never experienced. She has shown me possibilities that are truly beyond the limitations of this reality that allow you to create the life no one thinks you should have. How DARE we! Thank you Heather.

    Alan Slagorsky

  • Heather has been a constant source of inspiration for how she lives her life and the bold choices she makes (especially in her relationships and business!) - inspiring me to choose greater and be more of me unapologetically. Being immersed in these conversations with her through her Generative Business Pods helped me let go of my limiting beliefs around who I could be and how I could function with ease - not just in business but in life in general!


  • Just wanted to say how grateful I am to Heather for being part of her Generative Business Pods for the last 6 months. It’s been an amazing and magical adventure for me and the other participants to be totally nurtured and facilitated by her. 

    It’s beyond words and the energetic shift is quite obvious for me and everyone in the group. Everyone join for a different reason and yet we all contributed to each other in a non linear ways and it’s truly a generative business program and life changing for all of us.

    I have been in a few business coaching and mentoring program before this, but this is totally different and I love it because it really is in essence about being you in business, instead of me trying to be someone else or following other success stories. 

    Heather always encourages all of us to choose what’s true for us and know that we know. And my favorite parts are the energetic exercises, facilitation and private sessions, Heather is brilliant at that.

    There’s so much kindness and generosity of spirit in the group and it’s really fun to play with different people who are creating their life and business using Access Consciousness tools. 

    How does it get any better than this and what else is possible now?
    Much gratitude beyond words!

    And still melting, relaxing, receiving, shifting and changing!

    Ira Aditiro

  • Shout out to you Heather for your grace, beauty, elegance and generosity of spirit. I have so much gratitude for everything you be and everything you invite me and everyone to be. The world is greater because of you. How did we all and the earth get so lucky to BE! here with you? Oceans of gratitude from me to you! Thank you for all that you be! Most of all your presence and kindness and potency and grace. 

    Stephanie Lynde


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