The Access Consciousness X-Men conversation and classes give you a different perspective to recognize the ways in which this world may never have worked for you – and everywhere you have made yourself wrong as a result. What if you are different – not wrong? And what if your difference is what you can actually use to create a different world, life, and future for you and the planet? The X-Men classes are a deep dive into the brilliance of difference beyond labels, diagnoses, definitions, and judgment.


X-men, the Future, and Creating a Greater World

by Heather Nichols

What do you know that nobody else knows?  What future can you create that nobody else can? Benevolent Capitalism is where business & future are one in the same – where the activities we engage in with business & commerce are a dynamic & vital part of creating a future that includes everybody, is for everybody, and facilitates the world to become greater every day.

X-men have a unique capacity for awareness of the future.  They are aware of possibilities that others are not, whether they know it or not!  Part of what creates this capacity is that X-men inherently do not judge.  They are dynamically aware of the judgments of others – but ultimately, if you are truly being you as an X-men, you don’t even know how to judge!



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  • Access X-men with Heather Nichols created something indescribable in my universe. It was like I could see all the things about myself and my clients that had been made so wrong in a totally different way. There was this sense of knowing what was true for me and so many that blew everything I was previously taught out of the water. 
    No longer looking outside of me to know what was true, but instead knowing that was more was possible than I could have ever imagined. How did we get so lucky to have these tools and conversations that are so beyond this reality, yet so nurturing and beautiful? I am forever grateful.

    Dr. Melissa Mahon

  • I resisted joining an X-Men Class for so long. Then I asked myself why? I have ADD, Autism and Dyslexic beings in my family and didn't think this was for me. It's not until I experienced the X-Men class that I realised that what I thought was 'normal' was me being so different and 'special' just like them. 

    Heather is a generous, expansive Facilitator and such fun! If it feels light for you then give yourself the gift of Heather's X-Men Class and enjoy the ride!

    Sue Davies

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