January 8, 2021

Have you acknowledged the difference that you be?

Gary Douglas once asked me, “Have you acknowledged the difference that you be?”

I was a bit confused, I thought I was sort of normal until that point. It set things in motion for me to really start to look at my difference and where I had made myself wrong for it. I spent a lot of my life looking at the world and seeing that whenever I would notice something different about me, or the world showed up in a way that I didn’t understand, I would always go to the sense that there was something wrong with me. I must be missing something, I must be clueless, I must be dumb…and I wonder how many of us do that? We see something about the world that doesn’t make sense and we go immediately to the wrongness of us, but we never seem to see it as a difference and a brilliance that we have.

It’s such an interesting time in the world and there’s so much crazy stuff going on. Now is the time to be as different as we are, in ways we’ve never been willing to be before. So many of us have these incredible capacities that don’t have a context in this reality, but when we begin to get that when things don’t make sense to us it’s because we actually know something different and greater is possible.

What if you’re not as messed up as you think you are, and your difference is your brilliance? What if you need to start having a different conversation with yourself in order to access that?

I invite you to the universe of the Access X-men class, where we start to look at the capacities that we have and be that the world has made us wrong for.  We start to uncover the things about us that will allow us to create a life that we never before dared to imagine possible. X-men are the evolution of the species, a mutation for an exponentially greater reality. X-men are undefined and undefinable. Is it time to step into the being the X-men you truly be?

Heather Nichols

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