May 27, 2018

Are You Living?

This question was not relevant in my world until recently. I didn’t even really know what living was. Was I living? Yes! Well, for one, I was alive. And, for two, I had a great life. I had my university degrees, I was married, I had my two healthy kids, a house, some money, a bit of a career.

So I had nailed it! Until I realized that there was just so so much more possible for my life. It turned out that I hadn’t actually created the life that I desired. I had created the life that everybody else desired and that everybody else agreed was what I was supposed to want.

Where was I in all of that?   Not really anywhere.

Enter, the conversation of living. The acknowledgement that life is actually a period at the end of the sentence. Life is a noun. A destination, a conclusion, a stopping point. And for so many, life is a death sentence. If you spend your whole life working toward that dream that everybody else has – that isn’t even yours – that you are supposed to desire – while never asking yourself what is actually true for you – once you get there it’s like: Where the hell do I go next? What now? How did I end up here?? 

That’s where I was. Sure, I could grow my business and create more income and assets and raise my kids and be a better person every day. But I had this THING inside of me – an urge, an intensity, a demand – for always, always MORE. And I really just thought I was wrong and selfish and not grateful for what I had.

Then – Living. Living – is a verb. It’s a dynamic space of ever-unfolding and ever-expanding creation. Living is a celebration of being.

Living is a moment to moment creation of your life and reality where curiosity is at the helm, more is always a possibility, and adventure, joy, delight and surprise are on the menu more often than not. Living is when you wake up in the morning happy – and wonder: who am I and what grand and glorious adventures can I have today?? And you truly wonder.

Living is where you go about your day asking loads of questions. Knowing the universe is right there, with you. Knowing that the universe is contributing, responding to your requests, and that the addition of you to anything can make that thing greater. It’s where every 10 seconds count. And every choice is just that – a choice that will give you more awareness. Living is the willingness to be different, to have a life that you love, and to know that tomorrow, next week, next year, and in 20 years – you may not desire a lot of what you desire today. Living is a space of change, creation, and aliveness that so many people are not willing to have.

Once I started creating my world from that space – from the adventure of LIVING – everything became possible and I no longer needed to know exactly where I was going or how I would get there.

I started to trust me more, I started to know what I know, and I started to have the courage to embrace the uncomfortable like an old friend that I adore – that has my back – and that will always surprise me in the greatest of ways that I could never possibly predict. Once I started LIVING – I started waking up happy, excited, curious, grateful, and relaxed about everything in my life.

There are a zillion and one tools that I could toss out to you right now to cultivate this space more and more. Thousands of questions, conversations, invitations we could play with to give all of us a greater space of wonder, curiosity, and knowing what is actually true for us – now, now, now, and now. And I guess I’d say – just start with what makes you sing.

The rest will fall into place – especially if you keep choosing that. Start with what makes you sing – right now. And keep going…..

Heather Nichols

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