May 25, 2018

Are you a sexual healer?

The words ‘sexual healer’ are fraught with visions of prostitutes, wacky tantric healers, and people who are looking for others to be the source of their own sexual healing.  The area of sex & copulation is one of the most judged areas of our world, and where abuse, trauma, and invalidation are rampant.

So what is sexual healing – and what is a sexual healer?

Sexual healing is a space of presence where our bodies are invited to relax, to be, to receive, and to know the possibility of ease, pleasure, and embodiment that is available to us when we function beyond judgment.  Bodies and sex are some of the most judged areas of our world, and to be present with our own bodies and the bodies of others; to be present in a sexual setting with total vulnerability and lack of judgment is a big choice and a tall order for many.

There are many people who have the capacity to be sexual healers and who are sexual healers in the world and may not even know it.  When you are a sexual healer you have the ability to invite people and their bodies to a different space of healing.  To change sexual trauma, wounding, dysfunction, and limitation that goes on in peoples’ bodies and in their worlds.  It’s a miraculous space of possibility and healing – especially if you are willing to be it!

Often, sexual healers don’t realize they have this capacity and yet are constantly healing other people with it unknowingly.  This can look like using your body to heal other peoples’ bodies automatically and when they are not asking for it (an energetic thing!!), pulling sexual trauma and dysfunction out of peoples’ worlds when you are having sex with them, and/or being drawn to have sex with people who require healing – healing them – and then feeling like crap physically, emotionally, or energetically afterward.

When you realize that you are a sexual healer, and you are willing to be that – and willing to use those capacities consciously and only when it’s being asked for and when you are choosing it – it can be an immense gift in your world and in the world of others.

If you find that you are choosing sexual partners that are not a contribution to you and your body, or that sex is always followed by physical, emotional, or energetic struggle – perhaps you are a sexual healer and didn’t realize it?

When you begin to acknowledge this capacity, and get curious about your choices with it, universes of joy, possibility, healing, pleasure, and ease can open up for you!

For more information on this topic, check out Heather’s 2 part tele-call:  Being A Sexual Healer  


Heather Nichols

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