February 26, 2021


Have you ever felt blank in your business? As though there were no more problems to solve so you didn’t know what to do next?

This is a question that people have been asking a lot lately. What to do when everything just kind of stops. When it seems like there’s nothing there? No energy, no ideas, just blank?

We are so wired to always look for the problem and only feel as though we are “working on our business” when there are fires to put out. But when we let go of this as a reality, there are these subtle energies of creation that are asking to be explored.

When you get very present with the “blank” energies and start to play with the beautiful energy underneath, a whole new reality can be created. What if none of it was wrong and instead it was an invitation to something greater?

What if solidity is not required for business to thrive? Would you be willing to be that different? So present with your business that you could create from absolutely anything? Even blank? What questions can you ask now? What new spaces are just waiting to open when you are willing to be present and curious, letting go of the judgment, and allow the energy of possibilities permeate?

If blank was just a dissolving of reference points- where the past no longer exists and you can create absolutely anything, what can you and your business be now that has never existed before on the planet?

Join Heather Nichols for a one-off call: Creating from Blank

Heather Nichols

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