March 31, 2021

Are willing to be the Queen of your life?

If you could ask for anything, for you, for your life, for the world, what would you ask for? Would you have the courage to have a level of receiving beyond what most people are willing to have?

What if you created a demand in your world that you will have your reality, no matter what anyone else is choosing? Without ever diminishing yourself or shrinking yourself to fit in anyone else’s reality ever again? What if you can ask for anything, have anything, do anything, be anything, while also being completely undefined?

What would it take to be the leader of your life, whether anyone is willing to go with you or not? Would you be willing to have a true ask and receive reality in which the universe gifts you everything you desire?

What if you were willing to be the Queen of your life?

Being Queen is the energy that nothing and no one can diminish you, control you, or turn you down.  When you are Queen, you’re willing to have your reality, no matter what.  You’re willing to ask for anything you desire and know that the world desires to gift to you.

When you are faced with judgment, you turn it up and are willing to be even more of you. You don’t need to prove anything or need to be right, and you have total allowance for what other people are choosing.

Being Queen is being the difference that you are, with the ease and confidence of knowing what you know. It is trusting that the Universe has your back and knowing that you can have anything you desire.

What if you choosing to be Queen in your life is an invitation for greatness for you and anyone who is willing to choose it? What if the world is just waiting for you to reign? Would you be willing to be the Queen you truly be?

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Heather Nichols

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