December 14, 2020

What food is your body asking for?

My body had been changing... in ways I wasn't happy about. The yoga studio was closed, it was weird to be on the trails, covid had struck, and my whole routine was just OFF.

My body was kind of grumpy. Food was weird for me (it kind of always has been - often my body doesn't really know what to do with food 😆)
I was in pain. Losing muscle, gaining fat.
It was the first time ever that I felt like I was getting "old". Whatever the f- that is! I had always enjoyed my body becoming greater every day. And then boom. It just all changed.
I tried a lot of things to change it - different ways of eating. Eating 'healthy'. Eating not much. Not having a point of view about my food. Having more joy with it. Cleansing, supplements, different kinds of home workouts, dancing more, bodywork.

Thankfully I also asked a lot of questions. Body - what is this? What do you desire? Show me what you would love to do, play with, eat, be like. Show me what is possible that I have never know was possible with bodies before??
One day out of the blue my body exclaimed: ICE SKATING! I was like: huh?? But the energy was so fun and irresistible that I got myself on a rink 3 days later. This was while I was facilitating a Sex & Bodies class. And apparently my body was taking it too!
Skating quickly became my food. My nourishment. A source of massive joy. My body started changing. Getting SO much happier. Stronger in ways I didn't know I could be strong (and I've always been athletic!) I started being willing to do anything to get on an ice rink. Daily.

Adding this one thing.. and jumping in to what my body was asking for with a full on YES - totally catalyzed the joy I have with my body. I'm having SO much fun and food is sort of just a fun thing that I enjoy when my body asks for it but I'm also very happy without it a lot of the time.

What if true nourishment for our bodies could come from movement, nature, beautiful activities, eating air, energy, touch? What if small and wonderful inputs of any kind of food that your body is truly asking for could unleash massive amounts of energy and joy for your body - if you just listen? And gift your body with what it is asking for with no point of view?

My guess is that most people in the world don't actually feed their bodies what they are asking for. I know a lot of the time I still don't. But I know that when I do - my body absolutely sings! And that is more satisfying than any food I could possibly shove in my mouth - especially if my body doesn't want it.



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Heather Nichols

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