December 7, 2020

A Different Possibility with Food

What if food could be a total gift and contribution to your body, instead of something we use to judge ourselves?

As children, we may have been taught to finish everything on our plate or that it was polite to ask for “seconds” as to make the cook feel appreciated. Many of us learned how to be with food from our parents or peers and never thought to question it.

As adults, many of us eat to fill the space socially or within ourselves. We eat when we are overstimulated or to kill time we don’t know how to fill. We eat mindlessly at holiday gatherings or in front of the television. Then we make ourselves wrong for overeating, not eating what the experts tell us to eat and make our bodies wrong for not feeling the way we would like them to feel.

What if your body is different?

What if what works for others, doesn’t actually work for you?

Would you be willing to start looking at what is true for you, rather than turning to others for the answers? Would you be willing to ask your body what it requires? How much food? What kinds of foods, and what other energies it requires today to thrive?

What if no food was “right” or “wrong” and what if different foods at different times could actually be a homeopathic for your body?

For example, many of us actually require more salt and sugar than others. If you’re “in your head” a lot you may require this, as our brains actually use salt and sugar when working hard. You may need more water than you realize and sometimes water may be all your body requires, instead of solid food.

What if the amount of food your body truly requires to thrive is not what you thought? What if your body would actually like a lot less than you’ve concluded is “normal and reasonable” to eat? And what if what you have previously identified as “empty” is actually just “space?” Space is often what creates and awakens a greater energy for our bodies.

Is it time to awaken your body to a totally different reality with eating for space? What generative, beautiful energy could food be for your body and the creation of your life if you would allow it?

Heather Nichols

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