March 31, 2021

Get out of the energy of debt

Except that the energy of debt is sort of the “pink elephant in the room” of your financial reality until you are willing to acknowledge it.

So much of why we choose debt is to fit in with this reality, to be entrained to the way everyone else functions, or to have an energetic ceiling on ourselves of what we can create-always with the debt as a reminder that we can’t create past a certain point or be as great as we truly are.

Debt can be literal or energetic and many times its actually both. You might have credit card debt or loans etc. or you may always feel as though you owe people or that you are beholden to people or institutions. Either way, you allow those energies to run your life. You make financial decisions based on those energies that don’t actually expand your life or your future.

The tools of Access Consciousness and the body of work Getting Out of Debt Joyfully, created by Simone Milasas are about generating a different financial reality for you. It’s about creating a reality in which you are excited about what you’re creating and what you’re willing to be in the world.

What I love about these tools is that you don’t have to penny pinch or give up enjoying your life. It’s actually quite the opposite. When you are saving every penny and functioning from lack, that is actually the energy you are being, attracting more lack. But when you are using the tools of Access Consciousness, you are inviting more money into your world energetically, which is how the universe actually functions. It’s truly about stepping into a different reality with you; a reality in which you are willing to honor and care for you.

From that space, your financial reality changes. It’s the fastest, most effective way I’ve seen people’s realities change with money. When you change your energy with money, you can change what’s going on in your world, with your bank accounts, with relationships and with your relationship with yourself.

Would you be willing to get out of the energy of debt, be willing to have money, and start to have the joy of you?

Heather Nichols

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