June 27, 2021

Having Your Financial Reality

Where have you made you wrong with money? Have you looked to all the experts and gurus and tried to get it right? Then you do everything that other people tell you to do, but it doesn’t seem to work for you?

I did this for a long time. Things finally started to change for me when I started following my knowing and got out of the need to get it right. I started using money to create my reality.

It might be valuable to gather information and hear what other people know, but then be willing to know what you know about money. If you ask questions about what will or won’t work for you (even if it works for other people) then you can use all information to your advantage. Every choice you make creates new awareness.

What if you were willing to be the difference of you with money? What if you could use money to create a different future for the planet? This also includes creating a different future for you.

Have you ever known something would work to create greater and then someone told you that it would never work, so you stopped yourself? Or maybe you did it anyway and followed the whispers of a possibility that you saw available. Other people probably won’t understand the way you function with money. That’s okay. You can choose it anyway.

Money isn’t something that you get right or wrong. It can be a contribution if you allow it to be. If you are willing to choose something different than other people are choosing, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else, then you can have a very different financial reality.

What would it be like if you started trusting you with money? What do you know that you’ve never been willing to trust before?

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Heather Nichols

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