March 9, 2021

Get your happy on!

Just about a year ago, on my 49th birthday, the global pandemic was announced.

We had our last meal out for a long time, and wondered with the rest of the world what was about to go down.

I’m sitting here now, days away from turning 50, a year in to this strange world situation we have been experiencing, looking back on one of the most fun, fruitful, nurturing years of my life.

It’s been ease for the most part... and I’ve had the great fortune to spend time both in person and online with some of the most wonderful people on the planet!

New realities created. New possibilities birthed. Existing relationships made greater. Some have left my world too.

One of the things that I have come back to, again and again and again in this bizarre year, is that consciousness is always moving in the direction of greater. It is just how the universe works. Sometimes that looks very much NOT like we would like it to. But if you have that perspective, and look at everything with the question: what’s right about this I’m not getting? then the crazy shit is a lot easier to navigate, and we can make compost from the poo of life to nourish our future.

I have demanded of myself over the past year - and decade - to discover a reality where happiness is just a choice. It has seemed impossible at times, and yet I keep going and choosing it!

And guess what? It becomes more my reality all the time.

This is actually available to all of us. But you have to be willing to be different. Choosing happy in a global pandemic, for example, makes you judge-able for not suffering alongside the world. What if we can acknowledge that people are suffering, care for them, and still choose the joy of living, no matter what?

This crazy and getting crazier world of ours is not going to change itself. And more suffering is not what we all require. You can’t always change the circumstances but you have total choice over what you do with them.

Do not try to change this reality - create a new one. This is something I and so many people I know have been living by for this past year and beyond... and it seems to be working!

The only thing that will in fact change the world and create a greater reality is each of us taking responsibility for our own happiness, and running full speed ahead toward it.

You will be judged. The happier you get, the more you will be judged. And - the happier you get, and the less you are busy with everybody else’s points of view, the more you can create and change. And the greater inspiration you will be for the few who are seeking something different.

If you are alone, isolated, over it, scared, sad.... please reach out to somebody you know that lightens your world. No matter how much distance there may seem to be, we are never alone. We are here, together, on this beautiful planet. Evolution is occurring in front of our very eyes. If we continue moving in the direction of suffering, we will become extinct. If we create a reality that includes everything and everyone, and judges nothing, we actually have a chance.

What gift to the world are you that you have been refusing? And is now the time to be it, unabashedly?



Heather Nichols

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