May 25, 2018

I doubled my prices, took down my website – and my business exploded

A few years ago I was in the process of creating a new website.  For me that’s always a time when I get to re-vamp my business.  Toss out what is not working, add what feels fun – re-brand, re-create, re-envision.

One of the things I am constantly doing in business is looking way more at the energy of things than what I think is going to work.  I have found that following my gut – trusting my intuition – giving the business space to be as great as it actually can be is easier, more productive, and creates way more than trying to figure it all out in my mind.

In all the change that was going on at the time, I knew it was also time to up my private session prices.  So… I doubled them.  Gulp!  (read more about that here)

Doubling my prices set in motion a whole chain of events in the business where I created new offerings, programs, group coaching, and basically changed everything about how I did business.  I wanted to create a win-win situation where people that were used to my old prices could still get a lot of bang for their buck, and I could also be scaling my clientele, my income, and the level of engagement I could have with my clients to a new stratosphere.

So… I basically created an entirely new business.  My new website was not complete yet – and with all the changes it was going to be at least a month until it was ready.

My ‘current’ website was no longer current.  It was obsolete.  Dead.  Not relevant anymore.  What to do?  Here I was, in the middle of an explosion of my offerings – excited as hell – and I basically didn’t have a website to send people to.

So I did what any rational business person would do.  I took my website completely down.  (insert hysterical laughter)

It made no sense at all.  Creating a massive business up-leveling with no website?  Launching new programs to the world that had no url?  Yep!  I’m gonna!

And guess what?  My business and my income absolutely exploded during that 4 month period that I didn’t have a website. (yes – we all know that 1 month really means 4 in web programmer speak!)

How?  Why?  What the…?  Here’s what made it a screaming success:


1)  I didn’t have a point of view that I had to have a website to grow my business. 

Your point of view creates the reality that shows up for you.  If you have a point of view that your business is your website (or anything) – then if you don’t have a website (or whatever that thing is), you don’t have a business.  What have you decided that your business is – that it actually isn’t?


2)  I talked to people.  I connected.  I was available – and people knew where to find me.

Have you replaced personal connection with your online presence?  It’s not the same!  The internet is a place to provide information.  YOU are a warm, welcoming, amazing person that can contribute to people, talk with them, and help them to get to know you and what you offer – whether you have a small coaching business or a multi-national corporation.  Personal interaction is a dying reality in business – and it’s one that sets you miles apart from everybody else when you are willing to do it.  What if having conversations with people could grow your business more dynamically than anything?


3)  I valued what I was offering

Do you value what you bring to the world with your business?  If you don’t, nobody will.  When you value you and your products & services, and you recognize that nobody else can do what you do.  You have a monopoly – on YOU.  Whatever your business is, if you get that, and you bring “you” fully to the table in the delivery of your products and services, that becomes the greatest invitation and pull for people to come and join you.


4)  I had no agenda

When you get the possibility that your products and services offer to the world – whatever arena you may work in – you can get excited about THAT.  If you are doing business just to make money, and wondering who is going to pay your next mortgage payment, your clients will feel it.  And they likely won’t become your clients.  A genuine enthusiasm for what you are creating with no need for anybody to join you is an irresistible invitation.


What if growing your business looks nothing like you thought it would?  When you get over your conclusions about what is required and what you need to do to grow your business – and you are willing to be you and be different – you stand out far above everybody else in the cacophony of noise that we sometimes call ‘business.”

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Heather Nichols

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