April 12, 2021

The only thing powerful enough to stop you

Do you recall the magical land of Oz from The Wizard of Oz, Neverland from Peter Pan, or Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series?  Many of us have access to a similar magical realm within our daily lives – we just don’t recall it because we shut off our magic when we were children and took the point of view that we needed to become little adults.

So many people in the world are doing “impossibility.” They live from story and construct, linearity and structure.  It’s what we are all taught as kids – and we think the way to be constructive members of society is to buy everything we are told.

What did you know as a child that you gave up around the age of 7 or 8?  What have you always known is possible – that may not even have words or definition – that if you acknowledged it and claimed it now – it could become your reality?

What would it be like to start living as the magic that you actually are…knowing what you know and not needing anyone else to validate your reality? What if nobody else needs to align and agree with you about what is true for you in order for you to create the life, living, and reality that you know you can have?

Would you be willing to live from the point of view that you can create absolutely anything?  This is an affront to the realities of so many people around you – but it is also the beginning of total freedom, total creation, ease, joy, and glory for you and anybody in your life that is willing to have it.  When you know you can create anything – you cannot fail.  And you end up creating things with no explanation as to how they have shown up.  This is magic!

What if letting go of your points of view about yourself, your life, the world, and how things work is pragmatic?  What if having no points of view, no fixed realities, no sense of what is and is not possible – also means that you have no limits?

The only thing powerful enough to stop you is actually you, my friend.

What would you like to create?

Heather Nichols

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