December 17, 2020

What brilliance are you with money? - Unlock your Capacities!

There are so many conclusions, ideas and judgments about what money is, how much of it we need to have or not have and what we need to do to make it come into our lives.

A lot of people that I work with will have made themselves very wrong with money. What they often don’t realize is that they actually have a capacity with money. They have just been trying to “do” money like the rest of the world does or try to get money “right.” So many people try to follow what they’ve been told about how to create money… and for many of us, what works for everyone else, doesn’t work for us.

When you function from the judgments of what money is and how to get it, you eliminate the greatness of you. You eliminate the capacities that you have about what could bring money into your world, which is likely different from the way the rest of the world functions with money.

The things we have the greatest capacities with, are often the things that we have made ourselves the most wrong about. What if your greatest wrongness is actually your greatest strongness when it comes to money?

Where have you decided that you’re wrong with money, that you’re bad with it, or you don’t know how to do it? When you start to turn over those stones and ask, “What’s the capacity here, I’m not seeing? What do I know about money that no one else knows?” You start to get an awareness of what’s true for you. You can’t get here without asking questions.

What would it take to springboard into 2021 from a totally different space, where you get to have your capacities rather than judge them? Where you could use your capacities, your awareness and the skills that you know and be with regards to money rather than bury them under judgment? What if you could let go of all the places you’ve judged yourself with money and were willing to uncover the unique capacities you have?

What brilliance are you with money, that you haven’t acknowledged? Would you be willing to stop making yourself wrong and start asking, “What are my capacities with money? If I wasn’t judging myself as wrong, what could I create? What if I was willing for money to be fun for me?!”  You may think that’s not even a possibility, but what if it is? And what if it could be?

What different reality do you have available with money that is just waiting to be unlocked?

Join me for a deeper dive into this topic, 5 days of Creation - Unlocking your capacities with Money coming up Dec 27 - 31, 2020


Heather Nichols

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