Being an Athlete in Your Business

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Most people never become successful & wealthy because they desire wealth NOW - and when it doesn't show up immediately, they won't choose what is required for long term wealth & success creation.

Do you give up when things do not show up as fast as you would like them to? Or jump to a different thing - only to keep jumping? What if you began to approach your business and money like an athlete does with their sport - doing what is required every day, with presence, focus, commitment, and tenacity - to create a platform for long term success? What would your life & business be like today if you had chosen that 5 years ago?

Welcome to a 3 part zoom series for the crazy creative ones who are either asking for more every day, or ready to start! What if the creation of your business every day was a joyful & generative practice?

This series is 3 zoom calls over a week and is included in the Generative Business Pods

Class Recorded: Aug 2021


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1 review for Being an Athlete in Your Business

  1. Ruth+Bartleet

    This series of calls - game-changer! If you've attended calls with Heather, you'll know that she's amazing. However, there's something with this series that's a totally different energy. An energy I've not seen addressed anywhere else so far. And it's full of gems. I'm know finding a space in which I can add the beautiful clearings and suggestions a few days after we finished. Heather also included a money clearing loop of classics and with this energy from the call. If you're curious about this series, maybe this is the nudge you require.

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