Being an Athlete in Your Business


Most people never become successful & wealthy because they desire wealth NOW - and when it doesn't show up immediately, they won't choose what is required for long term wealth & success creation.

Do you give up when things do not show up as fast as you would like them to? Or jump to a different thing - only to keep jumping? What if you began to approach your business and money like an athlete does with their sport - doing what is required every day, with presence, focus, commitment, and tenacity - to create a platform for long term success? What would your life & business be like today if you had chosen that 5 years ago?

Welcome to a 3 part zoom series for the crazy creative ones who are either asking for more every day, or ready to start!

This series will cover:

Commitment - what it really is
Daily practices that will grow your biz over time
Getting out of instant gratification mode and into long term creation
Choice as your primary superpower
Letting go of results and need

What if the creation of your business every day was a joyful & generative practice?

This series is 3 zoom calls over a week and is included in the Generative Business Pods

Aug 4 @ 12pm PT | Your Time
Aug 9 @ 9am PT | Your Time
Aug 11 @ 12pm PT | Your Time


Access Consciousness Global Pricing applies to this class.
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Access Consciousness Global Pricing applies to this class.

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use the coupon code: acgp80

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